If we could imagine a journey through the Persian cities, we will find ourselves realizing that each city has characterized its production of Persian carpets with decorations and designs that in all respects are attributable to a region rather than a city; and this is particularly evident, for example, in the factories of Isfahan where generally the structure of the Persian carpet (weft and warp) are in precious silk while the fleece is knotted with the use of Qorq wool (precious and spun), but even more evident is the inclusion, as a decorative motif, of the classic flower called Ghol Sha Abbas. Moving north-west we will find the cities of Tabriz and Ardebil, where the influence of both Turkish and neighboring Azerbaijan is very evident not only in the spoken language but also in the manufactures. In particular, we think that Azerbaijan in all respects is divided into the Caucasian part (former Soviet Union) and the Persian one; and it is in this area that the influences mentioned in the introduction are highlighted in the carpets.

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